Would you like to remove bacteria, virus's or a smell from your car? We are now able to offer a medical grade Sanity System which removes bad smells and microorganisms proliferating in the cockpit, and in the air-conditioning system of your car.  

The Sanity System disinfectant is 100% Eco-friendly and effective against bacteria, viruses and bad smells. Its disinfecting power is higher than chlorine and is more effective that traditional chemical cleaners. 
  • Removes more than 99% of bacteria, germs and viruses
  • Eco-friendly - doesn't release any toxic residues into the environment
  • Safe - sanitises without damaging the car
  • Removes bad odours
  • Repels infesting insects


The Car Sanity System costs just £14.99 and can booked with your MOT/ Service or on its own
You can  book your car in for the Sanity System online here or by calling us on 01628 822543 


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