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Full Customer Terms & Conditions for SUZUKI 7 DAY RETURN POLICY

▪ Open to UK residents aged 18 or over purchasing a new Suzuki car in their personal capacity ▪ Offer applies to cars registered between 1st June and 30th September 2020. ▪ Offer apples to cars purchased in person from a participating Suzuki dealership either in cash or via Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) through Suzuki Finance, and is available only to the person who purchases the car from the dealer. The offer is available in relation to cars registered as ‘Personal’ and ‘Personal – Disabled’. Business customers, and vehicles funded through Suzuki Personal Contract Hire (PCH) or any 3rd party leasing provider, and through Motability are excluded ▪ Maximum of one vehicle per person. ▪ Your statutory rights are not affected by this offer. ▪ Vehicle may be returned to the selling dealer within 7 days of first registration for a full refund minus any delivery fee. ▪ Vehicle must be returned to the selling dealer and not to any other Suzuki dealer or location. The customer must return the vehicle to the relevant dealership at their own cost and before the relevant deadline. ▪ If the customer wishes to have the dealership collect the vehicle from their home address, the dealer may agree to this in their sole discretion, in which case the collection must be arranged by the customer at least 1 working day in advance of the collection date. The dealer will inform the customer of the collection fee in advance. The collection fee will be deducted from the refunded amount. The customer must be available to hand over the keys to the dealer at the agreed time and location. Only one attempt to collect the car will be made. If the dealer declines to collect the vehicle, or the collection cannot take place for any reason, the car must be returned to the dealership by the customer before the deadline (otherwise the customer ▪ Day 1 is the day of first registration, so the car must be returned no later than 7 days later. For example, for a vehicle registered on Saturday, the car must be returned before the dealership closes on the following Saturday ▪ Customers deciding to return their vehicle must notify the selling dealer by telephone or email at least 24 hours before they return the car, and no later than 5pm on the 6th day. For example, for a vehicle registered on Saturday, the customer must notify the dealer by 5pm on Friday if they wish to return the on Saturday. ▪ A mileage limit of 250 miles applies to returned vehicles. An excess mileage charge of £1.00 per mile will be applied for any vehicles returned with over 250 miles. ▪ Customers are fully responsible to cover the vehicle with fully comprehensive insurance from the day of handover and any returns that have not been covered in this way will not be accepted. ▪ Returns where the vehicle has been modified, damaged, soiled, altered from its original condition on delivery, or is subject to an insurance claim, cannot be accepted. ▪ If the vehicle was purchased and financed through Suzuki Financial Services, then in the event of the vehicle being returned it is the customer's responsibility to cancel the finance agreement ▪ The customer must not use the vehicle as collateral for any loan or other third-party arrangement or accept or allow any lien or third party interest over the car. Doing so invalidates this offer. ▪ Taking the car outside of the UK also invalidates this offer. ▪ The customer must pay and accept sole responsibility for any third-party costs, fees, charges and penalties incurred, including (without limitation) in relation to any outstanding motoring offenses, parking tickets, fines, congestion and other charges, incurred during the period of ownership ▪ Where a vehicle is returned and the selling dealer cannot provide a suitable alternative vehicle as a replacement, the price paid for the vehicle (excluding delivery charges and any other applicable deductions as outlined above) will be returned by exactly the method as it was originally paid ▪ If a vehicle was part exchanged as part of the new vehicle purchase it will not be returned. Instead, the selling dealer will reimburse the part exchange value stated on the purchase invoice. The dealer may elect to return the vehicle if it is p

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